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Pipe Bending Mandrel

We offer specifically engineered pipe bending mandrels for your particular needs. Our equipment range is designed to meet your tubing and pipe bending needs. Our machines ensure strength, adaptability, reliability & accuracy to produce high-quality bends. Also, they show great bending capacity and speeds. Our pipe bending mandrels are suited for various bending applications from simple to complex. They are developed for precision, enhanced productivity and cost-effectiveness. The machines are re-defining the precision and performance standards in the field. They are rugged, efficient and consistent in nature.  

  • Excellent capacity to bend pipes etc.
  • Simple operations and easy setup
  • Offer maximum control, precision and speed
  • Increasing productivity and saving time   
  • Proven design for optimal performance and accuracy   
Product Image (PBM)

Pneumatic Pipe Bending Mandrel

Technical specification 

  • Model: PBM10
  • Weight: 200KG
  • Applicable pipe range: 10"

Product Image (PBM series)

Hydraulic Pipe Bending Mandrel

Technical Specification:

  • Pipe bending mandrel application range: 10 - 62in
  • Pipe bending mandrel with wedge-form force transmission mechanism
  • Inner clamping hydraulic cylinder
  • The machine above 16in can be self-propelled type, below 16in would be non self-propelled